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300 Today's Families

305 Successful Immigrants

Outer suburbs, tech savvy, social, hard working young families.

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Outer suburbs, tech savvy, social, hard working young families.

305 Successful Immigrants

Outer suburbs, tech savvy, social, hard working young families.

  • Population182k
  • % of Population0.9%
  • Household Income$118k

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The most ethnically diverse segment of the Today’s Families community, Successful Immigrants is comprised primarily of young parents and mid-life families. Hard-working and high-achieving, they like to surround themselves with the trappings of success: the latest home entertainment equipment, kitchen appliances and tech products.

Walk with Me

My family immigrated from Jaipur to Melbourne in the 1980s; my uncle’s family moved here a few years earlier and kept talking it up, until finally my parents decided to make the move too. My father’s a plastic surgeon, and got a skilled migrant visa without any problems. I was a teenager at the time, but adapted pretty quickly.

My wife Maya migrated with her family around the same time; she was slightly younger than me. Both our families settled in Narre Warren, and after we got married, we decided to stay in the area too. Our 15-year-old daughter Monica says she’s moving to the inner-city as soon as she can: she’s so Aussie in her attitudes. I’m sure she’ll eventually recognise that being close to family is more important.

Monica’s a good kid, really. She studies hard, and helps out with the business on weekends. My cousin Kenny and I run a company manufacturing natural soaps and body lotions, free of chemicals or animal products. We sell to hotels, department stores and boutiques mainly, in Australia and Asia. Monica helps with the website and social media — she’s addicted to all that stuff. She was over the moon when we gave her an iPad for her fifteenth birthday.

We’re going back to India later this year to catch up with family — we go every year. Maya’s organised it all: I can’t wait! For me, a week in Inverloch over Christmas doesn’t count as a holiday: you’ve gotta leave the country. 

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