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  • Australia

200 Metrotechs

210 Quiet Achievers

Inner city flat/unit/apartment renters, tech-savvy, fashionable young families.

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210 Quiet Achievers

Inner city flat/unit/apartment renters, tech-savvy, fashionable young families.

  • Population189k
  • % of Population0.9%
  • Household Income$101k

Quiet Achievers


Quiet Achievers may not earn as much as some Metrotechs, but it’s only a matter of time. This group has big career goals, and is focused on getting ahead in industries like IT, finance, insurance and communications. Aged 25–39, they’ll often be married, possibly with young kids under 5 or a baby on its way.

Walk with Me

Prani and I were married a year ago. We had two ceremonies: one for our families in Mumbai and one here. We met at university, at a lunchtime talk by a Greens MP. These days, I’m a business manager for a major bank and Prani’s a web developer. Our plan is to work hard for a few more years then, when we can afford it, start a family.

We rent an apartment in Ashfield. It’s a bit small, but the rent’s affordable and we’re really close to the train line, making it easy to get to work in the city. The main shopping strip is two blocks away, which is convenient too.

Prani’s an amazing cook, and we like to throw dinner parties. But there’s so many good eateries around here, especially Asian ones, that we don’t eat home-cooked meals as often as we should. One of our little indulgences, I guess.

My big passion is technology. I love how fast everything changes and I’m always up with the latest trends and hardware. When Apple released the iPhone 5 I went into town really early and queued up to make sure I didn’t miss out. Sounds nuts, I know. 

Tonight we’re meeting some friends at a vegetarian place in Newtown, and we’ll probably play tennis tomorrow to work it off. We don’t go out heaps but that’s okay. Right now, we’re happy just being together and saving for our future.

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