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200 Metrotechs

207 Urban Entertainers

Well educated families, typically living in a semi-detached house in the metro suburbs

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Urban Entertainers

207 Urban Entertainers

Well educated families, typically living in a semi-detached house in the metro suburbs

  • Population625k
  • % of Population3.1%
  • Household Income$103k

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A mix of young, middle-aged and older age groups make up the Urban Entertainers community. Married, defacto or single, with or without kids, their defining feature is their healthy income and career success. Professions are broad and include teaching, nursing, construction, and personal and recreational services. A small percentage of retirees fall within this group.

Walk with Me

Sue and I rent a terrace house in Glenelg, within walking distance of the beach. I’m a quantity surveyor for a construction firm. Sue, my wife, is a real estate agent. We’ve been married close to ten years, but have no plans for kids. Our two Boston Terriers, Boss and Buster, are quite enough!

Anyway, we’ve both got really busy lives. My work’s pretty demanding, and I often get home late. Sue does too. We're working hard to save for a home deposit - reckon it's about time. Sue tells me that when she finds our dream home, she'll make sure we get first dibs before she shows any potential buyers through.

January’s our month to relax and recharge: we’ve been escaping to Kangaroo Island for the past few years. It’s so unspoilt, with perfect beaches and loads of wildlife. We always go to the same place, a pet-friendly caravan park, where we hire a cabin. The dogs love it too. We spend our days swimming, hiking or reading — mobile phones are banned! At night, we might join some of the other holiday-makers for a barbie. We also pop over to Melbourne regularly — it’s a whole lot more exciting than Adelaide.

Speaking of BBQs, we’ve got friends coming over this weekend for one. Hope the weather stays with us; might even go to the footy on Saturday if it does. I used to dream of playing for the Crows as a teenager: now, I’m just their biggest supporter.

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