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205 Social Flyers

Young, single, social and fashionable inner city renters.

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205 Social Flyers

Young, single, social and fashionable inner city renters.

  • Population124k
  • % of Population0.6%
  • Household Income$109k

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Educated and urban, hard-working and motivated, Social Flyers have responsible jobs across the public service and private sector. Their incomes vary, but a significant portion earns big bucks. Often from non-Aussie backgrounds, they’re mainly young singles and de factos, and lead high-flying, hectic lifestyles.

Walk with Me

I’ve lived in Glebe for two years now, and it’s perfect. When I first moved over from Ireland, I was in Manly, but once I scored my teaching job at Glebe Public School, the commute became too unwieldy. My girlfriend and I share a terrace within walking distance of the school, so I can roll out of bed at the last possible minute and still make it on time.

Take last night: some friends of ours came over for what was supposed to be a nice, chilled Sunday lunch to celebrate their return from Italy. Lunch turned into afternoon drinks over a game of UpWords, then dinner at the pub and back home for a nightcap. All that after a big night on the town the night before! Tell you what: I’ll be hitting the gym tonight. A work-out will make me feel human again.

I met Paula at Glebe Markets, when we both dived for the same vintage Deco-style floor lamp. All’s well that ends well: it now takes pride of place in our living room!

For our first anniversary last week, we bought each other matching iPads. Some might say that’s not very romantic, but for tech-geeks like us, it doesn’t get much better.

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