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  • Australia

100 Leading Lifestyles

112 Full House

Married, rural living, paying off their separate house.

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Married, rural living, paying off their separate house.

112 Full House

Married, rural living, paying off their separate house.

  • Population736k
  • % of Population3.7%
  • Household Income$98k

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Full House are the big fish in the smaller ponds of rural communities and non-capital urban areas. Mostly married Australians, often grandparents, they are rooted in their communities through generations. They believe in mateship over Government, and are conservative but not religious. Despite having limited education beyond some technical college or diploma, many have parlayed skills in agriculture, manufacturing, transport and storage into their own business operations. They have DIY attitude to their homes, families and careers: no one is responsible but them for their successes.

Walk with Me

I love this country. I’ve seen a lot of it over the years, mostly by car which is the best way. Driving for six hours through the back of beyond, setting up the family tent in a national park, putting some snags on the grill. I suppose one day soon the wife and I will do a big trip overseas. Wouldn’t mind seeing Canada, taking a trip through the Rockies. Or maybe a safari in Africa. She’s keen on Europe but I’m not sure I’ll be into all those museums.

I’ve always figured a lot of the problem these days, especially in town, is people having too many options. Used to be you finished school, learned a trade, got married, bought a place of your own, had some kids. But I’ve worked hard and done alright. I’m coming up to retirement and turns out having some options isn’t so bad.  

Still, there’s something comforting about knowing where you stand and what each day’s going to bring. Some people want to be doing something different every day and that’s fine but me, I just want to come home and know there’s a good feed on the table and a good show on the box. Sundays for me is about a lazy breakfast, a couple of beers down at the pub, try to fix a couple of things around the house or watch the footy. That night, my wife Pam makes the best roast lamb you are ever going to have in your life, hands down. I don’t know what she does to it exactly.

Don’t know where you’d find a Sunday roast lamb in Africa.

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