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100 Leading Lifestyles

110 Savvy Self-starters

Inner-suburb home owners, older families, middle income.

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Inner-suburb home owners, older families, middle income.

110 Savvy Self-starters

Inner-suburb home owners, older families, middle income.

  • Population585k
  • % of Population2.9%
  • Household Income$119k

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A considerably multicultural group, Savvy self-starters often come from non-English-speaking backgrounds and live in large, multiple income households comprising parents and their secondary and tertiary students. They value education, and work in business, scientific and manufacturing industries with a high level of aspiration and confidence.

Walk with Me

Back in Russia, before I came to Australia in my early 20s, I did a Bachelor of Science, but that is not anything. When I first was here and married to my husband Andrew I worked in an office as a secretary and studied a graduate diploma in laboratory medicine part time. I did my final exams when I was eight months pregnant and after Peter was born I couldn’t wait to find a job as a diagnostic pathologist. I did that for some years but then when I found I was pregnant again I started studying again and after Anna was born I took extra time off and finished a masters of radiography. Andrew joked that if I got pregnant again I would end up a doctor.  

I teach Peter and Anna that everyone is responsible for themselves. If they want success, they must work hard and study. There is no easy way. And they know, they have to do their homework and chores and if I cook dinner it means they have to wash up.  

I think it is important to stay looking fashionable. I don’t want to look like some of those other 45 years old mothers who don’t care about their clothes and make up. This is just sad to me. There is a huge shopping centre near our house which has many very good stores for dresses, but not too expensive. But sometimes I look in my wardrobe and find something that I can’t remember buying, with a tag still on it. That is okay: if it is still in style it is like getting something new all over again except for free; if not, I can put it on ebay and someone will always buy it. 


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