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105 Financial Freedom

Suburban separate house, family life, tech-savvy.

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Suburban separate house, family life, tech-savvy.

105 Financial Freedom

Suburban separate house, family life, tech-savvy.

  • Population335k
  • % of Population1.7%
  • Household Income$125k

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Financial Freedom are wealthy and mid-life couples approaching the end of their mortgages, with teenaged children finishing up their private educations before heading off to university. They are at their career peaks, earning high incomes in exchange for long hours and extra responsibilities. After years of shrewd financial management, they now feel financially stable and are on the cusp of reaping the rewards in a well-earned and luxurious retirement.

Walk with Me

I was a primary school teacher for yonks but retired early a good four or five year ago now. The other day a full grown man ran up to me in Myer calling out, ‘Mrs Kelley! Mrs Kelley!’ He had a beard; I assumed he was a parent of a former student, but no: little David Sondergaard who used to glue Allan Border pictures on all his school books is now a married, bearded dentist—just like my husband Bill.  

Bill’s in the process of winding up his practice. We own the house, the kids are almost gone, and we’ve got the income from a couple of rental properties coming in. 

I feel good that we’ve done our bit with the local church over the years, and donated to the girls’ school, St Augustins. It’s nice to be part of a community and be in a position to give something back, whether it’s money or time volunteering at the odd fete.  

I’ve decided once Laura moves out in a year or two the first thing I’m going to do is redo the family room. For the first time in a long time I can get a lounge without worrying that someone’s going to spill cola or wipe chocolate on it. 

We’ve had this lounge setting for years and it’s definitely time to say goodbye. The problem is, I can’t find a new one that will work. Everything in the family room matches that lounge: the rug, the coffee table, the lamps, and of course all my cushions. A new setting on its own would look ridiculous.

I really don’t see how I can go out and get a new three-seater, two-seater and two recliners without also needing to replace everything else as well.

Not that we’ll be spending much time in there. Bill and I have plenty of plans for our retirement, don’t you worry. I see just about every French film that comes out and been dying to go to Paris for years. it will be our first holiday just the two of us since the girls were born. I can’t wait. 

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