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100 Leading Lifestyles

103 Self-made Lifestylers

Well educated, family life, paying off the home.

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Well educated, family life, paying off the home.

103 Self-made Lifestylers

Well educated, family life, paying off the home.

  • Population327k
  • % of Population1.6%
  • Household Income$146k

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Self-made Lifestylers are high-earning, degree-qualified mid-life executives, managers and professionals pre-occupied by their demanding careers and expanding their share and property portfolios. Most are Australian, with many also from the UK or South Africa, and are wary of any macro-financial changes to taxes, business conditions and interest rates that could impact upon their family’s savings, lifestyle and education.

Walk with Me

I work in reinsurance and people are often surprised when I say how much I love it. I’m from London originally, and met James when he came over for a conference. After we married, we decided to relocate here, just for the better lifestyle really.

I always knew I didn’t want to sacrifice my career in exchange for children, so my husband James and I had our three boys—Thomas, Will and Oliver—within four years. That way, I could get all the initial at-home motherhood out of the way in one block rather than drag it out over eight or nine years and find I’d been left behind in the employment market.

So when Ollie was 18 months, I got stuck back into it—it was like I’d never left. And so I was back on the career track, onwards and upwards. Of course, I didn’t expect Charlotte to come along seven years later.

But we did the maths and this time James is the one taking parental leave. Among friends he’ll sometimes roll his eyes and make a joke about being a ‘househusband’, but when I see him packing the boys’ lunches or crawling around the carpet with Charlotte, I have a feeling he’s in no rush to get back in the office. I’ll give him six more months.  

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