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100 Leading Lifestyles

101 Bluechip

High income families, typically own their own home in the inner suburbs. 

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High income families, typically own their own home in the inner suburbs. 

101 Bluechip

High income, tech-savvy, fashionable, inner suburb home owners.

  • Population284k
  • % of Population1.4%
  • Household Income$160k

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Bluechips are highly educated and highly paid Anglo-Australians working in finance and business, law and communications. Throughout life, their upbringing, education and connections have provided a myriad of opportunities for personal and professional development—and they have made the most of each one. Success is important, but always attainable and inevitable. With an endless flow of funds coming in from a range of sources, (often directly managed by others), they are charitable and community-minded about issues of most importance..

Walk with Me

Oh, I have to tell you this story. We went to Cutler and Co last Tuesday night with one of Terry’s clients and his wife. We’ve been there a few times before and always enjoyed it: the food is very, very good and the service is excellent. So Terry orders a vermentino and the waitress—lovely girl—brings it over and shows him the label, he nods and she puts a sip in his glass but it’s a screw top so he just waves for her to fill the glasses. It’s fine, nothing spectacular. They all drank it, but I wasn’t that keen so ordered a glass of chardonnay, which I’ve been getting back into lately.

So the bill comes Terry says to the girl, I think you’ve made a mistake with the wine. On the bill, it’s $210 and he was sure it was only $100 or $110. She brings over a wine list and yes it’s $210—Terry had left his glasses in the car and didn’t check when she brought the wine that it was the wrong one. It was his fault of course but in the end they only charged us the $140 that the other one was.

George, Terry’s client, made a joke about how maybe he needs to put his own glasses on when Terry’s office sends the billings through, which I thought was a bit rude, but Terry just laughed. 

We’ve got a few things on this week. Our son Dan got us tickets to the Malthouse on Friday—his partner Cameron works in their sponsorship office—and Mick and Trish’s eldest Leah is getting married on Sunday with a reception at the Melbourne Club, which will be nice. Our daughter Kate is a bridesmaid, wearing this really lovely Scanlan and Theodore dress. I don’t know what I’ll wear; I should probably go and get something. 

Still I’m looking forward to a night at home, to be honest. Kate’s lent us the DVD of Mad Men which I saw a couple of on Foxtel and wasn’t keen but she swears by it. Maybe I’ll give it a go, although the IQ thing has a lot of those Downton Abbeys recorded that I’ve been meaning to catch up on.

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