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600 Golden Years

601 Rural Rewards

Older households living in predominantly rural areas where they own their own home and kids have moved out.

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601 Rural Rewards

Older households living predominantly in rural areas where they own their own home and kids have moved out.

  • Population162k
  • % of Population0.8%
  • Household Income$83k

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In coastal or highland regions, or perhaps near an urban park, Rural Rewards are mostly older conservative married couples enjoying the fruits of successful careers as skilled workers, managers, mid-level professionals and small business owners. With large family networks, they take seriously the responsibility of providing financial and environmental security to subsequent generations. They seek stability and safety, whether from perceived rising levels of crime and corruption or technological advances and threats to privacy, and aim to live peaceful lives without disruption or drama.

Walk with Me

This weekend we’re having a garage sale. Something my wife Julie and I have been meaning to do for years now, ever since the last of the kids moved out. Two sons, two daughters, seven grandkids—and all were given fair warning to come and collect their old junk or it’s going out on the street. ‘Yes dear, we were very proud of you 20-odd years ago when you got that netball trophy but it’s no longer wanted in our house’. ‘Thanks for the vase you got us last Christmas but it’s taking up space in the cupboard.’ You just get to a point where you don’t want any more stuff, you know? Next birthday, I say, get me a nice bottle of wine or take me down to the Leagues for their Sunday buffet lunch. Nothing that collects dust or that I’m going have to plug in and learn how to use.

My son Tim said it’d be easier to whack it all on that ebay, but I don’t know what that’s about; seems like a lot more work, not less. No, we’ll do it the old-fashioned way: we had an ad in the local weekly and I’ll stick a few signs up in the morning. Get some chalk down the hardware store and draw an arrow on the main drag.  

On Saturdays you get a fair few city tourists coming through the area, so we should be able to offload a decent amount. The rest can go to the Salvos.

I can’t wait for Sunday already. An uncluttered house for the first time in decades, and the news this morning said it’s meant to be sunny. Maybe we’ll get up early and go to the beach or take a drive somewhere. 

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