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504 Budget Lifestyle

Young Singles or Couples, lower income renting in the suburbs.

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Young Singles or Couples, lower income renting in the suburbs.

504 Budget Lifestyle

Young Singles or Couples, lower income renting in the suburbs.

  • Population744k
  • % of Population3.7%
  • Household Income$89k

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Emerging Australian, Asian and European young parents are making the most of the more affordable rents and housing prices in these mid and outer metro neighbourhoods—as well as the proximity to their parents for childcare support. Streets are a blend of ethnicities and life stages, with commonality in the need to maintain large, local and interdependent family networks. Budget Lifestyles would rather be prudent and cautious with their below-average income than work more or complete further education in order to earn potentially more: As mid-level professionals, office workers, skilled and semi-skilled workers and sales reps in manufacturing, wholesale, retail and community services, Budget Lifestyles have sourced stress-free and undemanding employment with regular hours not far from home. They are socially conservative, technologically clued-up and concerned predominantly by issues of direct personal and financial relevance like interest rates and living costs.


Walk with Me

Even though we’re only 28, Paul and I have been together for way longer than most people. We started going out in high school, but he left in Year 10 because he wasn’t going to uni anyway and his older brother was starting a house-painting business. I finished school and was going to go to uni but I got a job as a customer service consultant that was dead easy and paid pretty good.

Our parents only live five minutes’ drive from each other, so even though we both had jobs we stayed at home for ages, which was a sweet deal because we could save and it made our mums happy too. Even when we finally got married both our mums were so cute, like, ‘you can both live here now if you want’. But we got heaps at the wedding, like fifteen grand, plus what we’d saved so we bought a townhouse nearby. At first Paul wanted to move further away, but I knew I’d be having kids soon and it would be better to be near our mums for babysitting when I went back to work.

My friend Alicia spent so much on her wedding, but I didn’t see the point and my wedding ended up being better anyway. I got the bridesmaids’ dresses so cheap from this dressmaker in Vietnam I found online. I just sent the pattern I wanted and the sizes and the colours and she made them for like $40 each, it was crazy. Even though some of them had to be altered, it still worked out way cheaper. 

So now we have two kids. I still see my parents heaps because they babysit and we often end up having dinner at theirs because my mum’s an awesome cook.

We probably need a bigger place but Paul’s income is not always reliable and it’s actually really hard with a mortgage and kids. I joke that it would be awesome if we could get married again and have another wishing well. 

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