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705 Real Working Class

Low income but still confident, married without children with generally one income earner.

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Real Working Class

705 Real Working Class

Low income but still confident, married without children with generally one income earner.

  • Population779k
  • % of Population3.9%
  • Household Income$75k

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Spanning young singles, families and older couples without kids, Real Working Class may not be on high incomes but they’re confident in their ability to make ends meet. There’s an above-average incidence of separated, divorced and widowed individuals in this group, too. While the majority are from Australian backgrounds, English-born people are quite well-represented in this segment. Their values tend to be conservative.

Walk with Me

When they were little, my sister’s kids used to ask me why I wasn’t married. I’d explain that my wife Thelma died before they were born and nobody else ever came close.

I was too young for WWII — tried to bluff my way in, but my baby face gave me away. (Not any more: I’m 83 and wrinkly as an old boot.) I fought in Korea, though, and now I’m on a military pension. Keeps me off the streets, I suppose. I bought my house in 1962, when Warilla was quite a new suburb, and I still live there. Just as well I got in early, before all the rich yuppies and foreigners drove property prices up along the NSW coast.

Geeze, times have changed — and not for the better, if you ask me. Yesterday my mate Doug and I were having a VB and a smoke on the veranda, watching the children going home from school, and you should’ve heard their language – strewth! My mother would’ve clipped me round the ear if I’d spoken like that. Youngsters have no respect any more. Probably why the crime rate’s rising.

Cheryl and Pete next door look out for me. They’re in their 30s, doing it pretty tough. She works down the local supermarket, but Pete’s been unemployed awhile. Yesterday, he drove me to Shellharbour so I could buy Buster a new leash at the two-dollar shop. We picked up our Lotto tickets too — maybe one of us will get lucky…  

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