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400 Aussie Achievers

402 Domestic Jugglers

Mid-life households, proud of their home which they generally own.

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Mid-life households, proud of their home which they generally own.

402 Domestic Jugglers

Mid-life households, proud of their home which they generally own.

  • Population560k
  • % of Population2.8%
  • Household Income$114k

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Domestic Jugglers are busy, multitasking Anglo-Australian parents, moderately conservative in values but optimistic and open to change. To pay for the mortgage and the teenagers’ schooling and extracurricular interests, perhaps dad works long hours as a manufacturing or construction manager, and mum works part-time in (or as proprietor) of a home decor store in town. Domestic Jugglers are careful financial managers, investing carefully with an eye on an imminent debt-free lifestyle.

Walk with Me

We can talk on the way, if you like. Hop in. I’ve just got to drop Emma at the train station—where are you going, Sophie’s  place? Call if you need a pick up tonight, and be careful—you know what that station’s like after dark. We’ve got the roof tilers coming in this arvo and I’ll have to duck into work at some point before Pat and Jenny come over for dinner– which reminds me: wine. Do you mind if I put the radio on?

My wife Cara does more of the weekday cooking, I don’t get home until six, six thirty most days. It’s not like she’s not busy too, though. We went through a phase of having the same four or five things throughout the week, but now we try to mix it up a bit. Coscous has been a lifesaver, it’s so easy.

Of course I’ll grab takeaway some nights to save her the trouble of cooking. Chinese, Indian, there’s a not-bad Fish and chip shop near—sorry, can you flick stations? Those ads’ll be on for half an hour. Anyway the kids would prefer take away every night, probably, but you have to keep them eating decently.

Cara and I moved down here after we got married but before the kids were born. Better for families I reckon. You agree, Emma? Emma!? Oh, she’s got her iPad headphones in. Watching some Next Top Model show I bet.

A few years ago we started a small nursery, but that didn’t work out. So Cara works weekends in town, which puts me in charge—for a change. Her mum’s been sick and needs a bit of help with the doctor’s bills, and we’re happy to help out, what with all the babysitting she did. Sorry, flick stations for me would you.

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