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600 Golden Years

602 Back to Nature

Older households who have retired or plan to soon move to their beach home which they own.

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Back to nature

602 Back to Nature

Older households who have retired or plan to soon move to their beach home which they own.

  • Population699k
  • % of Population3.5%
  • Household Income$85k

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These Anglo-Australian parents and grandparents are moderately conservative themselves but accepting of others’ choices and attitudes, and both fiscally and environmentally conscious. Often empty nesters, they are either still working as local business owners, employed full- or part-time as social professionals, or contentedly retired. Back to Natures believe in supporting and spending time with family and encouraging younger members to pursue their personal ambitions. Although in no rush to adopt the latest technology, they are comfortable with it once it becomes mainstream. They participate in community causes and stay on the lookout for ways to improve their lives.  

Walk with Me

I’ve been breeding dachshunds for about ten years now, ever since the last of the kids moved out. I had a dachshund named Schnitzel when I was a girl back in Manchester and breeding them was always an ambition of mine. Perhaps I didn’t realise at the time I started that it’s effectively a new full-time job—just at home instead of the hospital (I was a nurse for many years), but I enjoy it. People always say, ‘How can you bear to sell them?’—but we know they’re going to good families.

At first we had them in the house, but over time my husband Dale has built them a whole fenced-in housing community in the back yard, with kennels and play areas. There’s really no better way to start the day than to take my coffee down there and spend a good two hours feeding and playing with them.  Oh it’s a hard life, I know!

My son Harry comes back to look after them if Dale and I go away for the weekend. My daughter Brianna set us up a little website and taught me how to load up pictures of new pups. 

But my life isn’t all about the dogs—despite Dale’s jokes!  I try to keep fit by walking down to the beach front every day, resisting the urge to reward myself with an almond croissant from the bakery café when I get there. Really, though, the odd croissant is about my only luxury these days—not that we’re in any financial trouble; it’s just that you get to a point where priorities change and you don’t need any more stuff,  and a day pottering in the yard with the dogs or having a few friends over for a BBQ brings me far more pleasure than a new microwave would. Although we probably do need one, given how much we use the thing!   

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